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Principal's Message

Monday, March 30, 2020

Hello, EeLA Students and Families,

We want to first and foremost thank you for your patience and support for our district and our school as we navigate these challenging times together. Our district is working tirelessly in various teams to organize and plan for what the next several weeks will look like for our students, and determine how to best support them moving forward.

EeLA will be updating students and families as we receive more information to ensure you are kept in the loop in regards to what opportunities will be available for learning, feedback, and communications with teachers. For the next several weeks, our general outline for working with students will be as follows:

  • Teachers will be available via email for questions and support regarding Edgenuity course curriculum and content. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the assignments you are working on! We are here to support you.
  • If a virtual one-on-one meeting would support you in getting help on any questions you have, please contact your teacher to set up a day/time for that to occur. We will do our best to accommodate you and provide this opportunity to meet “face-to-face.”
  • Teachers will be holding open office hour times via Zoom throughout the week. Keep an eye out for communications from your teachers about how to join those Zoom meetings for drop-in help.
  • Grading of new assignments will continue and you will be able to see applicable feedback/grades on items you turn in.
  • Please contact your teachers if you have any requests to revise or improve previously completed work. They will work with you to determine what most to focus on and any questions you have.
  • We are working on ideas and plans for exams and finals. Please stay tuned and keep an eye out on communications from teachers/staff as we move forward.
  • Note about progress: As you have seen, with the shift in school days/non-school days over the past two weeks, we have again updated due dates for classes to align with our district student days. This may have changed your percent ahead/on-track/behind. You may see the tracking of ahead/on-track/behind shift again if official district student days are changed.

Alternative Learning Experience (A.L.E.) Student Requirement Update:

  • Weekly two-way contact is highly encouraged, but will not be a requirement for the immediate future to ensure your enrollment status at EeLA. We will reach out to you if that changes and provide further information and guidance.
  • For the immediate future, monthly A.L.E. evaluations, which students historically have received once per month and which have been based on weekly contact requirements, will be ceasing. Again, if that changes per OSPI guidance, we will ensure we reach out to you and provide further information and guidance.   

As we gain further details about opportunities for learning, communication, and grading/feedback per district guidance, we will make sure we reach out to keep all our students and families up-to-date. This is an unprecedented time for all of us in our world and in our lives, and we are working hard to provide opportunities for academic progress while also keeping in mind the challenges and stresses that all of us are facing. We want you to know that we are deeply thinking about the questions of how we can be there for our students and best serve them with equity and understanding, keeping in mind the immense impacts that the Covid-19 emergency has had on our community of learners and families.

All district buildings will be closed beginning Monday, March 29th. If you have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the following:

If you have any course-specific questions, we encourage you to reach out directly to the teacher.

I appreciate your flexibility and support during this time. I know I speak for our entire staff when I say we miss you all and we hope to see you again soon. Stay healthy and stay safe!

Best regards,

Christy Frary, Principal & Edmonds eLearning Academy Staff

Friday, March 13, 2020

Hello, EeLA Students and Families,

As you know, the Edmonds School District is experiencing a school closure. I want to update you on the closure plan so far, and let you know that further guidance will come as we see gaps in our understanding of the situation, and our school district gives further guidance. We currently have guidance from our district about school work and closures, but no guidance from OSPI about programs like ours who operate under different rules. In addition to letting you all know what will be expected during school closure, our main concern right now is supporting the most vulnerable students in our district who will be affected- those who count on food and stability during the school week. Keep an eye out for district communication about what resources may be available during the school closure.

During this time, the courses you are currently enrolled in will continue to be available to you. While students are not expected to get ahead in their courses, this is an opportunity for them to catch up on any courses they may be behind in, however, teachers will not be available for support during this time. To assist students in being able to move along during this time, students will continue to be allowed multiple attempts at quizzes and unit tests. If the student does not pass with 60% or above, the system will allow the student to move on without mastery. Please encourage your student to review material and notes between attempts and not rush into another attempt quickly. When school resumes, students will be expected to meet with their teachers to make a plan to retake any assessments they did not master. Final exams will not be available until school resumes. Use the time to continue studying and reviewing for the assessment.

If you are concerned about your student and how they are responding to the changes that they are experiencing in their daily routines and the impact of this public health event, we wanted to reassure you that this can be a normal response to stress and that there are many resources out there to help you have age-appropriate conversations with your family. Our counselor has suggested a couple of websites for you as a resource: 

Additional Supports available (See more on our website)



Social Studies: 


World Language:



Viewing Student Courses

If you would like to view these and other course resources provided to students through Edgenuity, please call our office at (425) 431-7298 for more information.

I will continue to update our webpage (http://elearning.edmonds.wednet.edu) as new information is released. Please check there often for new updates about Edmonds eLearning Academy.

Christy Frary


Edmonds eLearning Academy​

Office: (425) 431-​7298

Email: fraryc@edmonds.wednet.edu

Pronoun: she/her

All Orientations are cancelled until further notice

Due to the recent District-Wide closure and following district guidance, Edmonds eLearning Academy will be discontinuing orientations until further notice. Please check back here for changes and updates. Thank you, Edmonds eLearning Academy

Update for Edmonds eLearning Academy and in-person Orientation requirements

Welcome to Edmonds eLearning Academy. In an abundance of caution and in accordance with current district guidance for social distancing, we want to be conscientious about bringing large groups together. Therefore, we will be live-streaming our orientation instead of requiring in-person attendance for the foreseeable future. Links to the livestream and next steps will be sent to those who have completed their application and signed up for an orientation time 24 hours prior to the beginning of the orientation you are planning on attending.. Please watch the calendar closely for the most up to date times for orientations. 

We want to make sure those interested in attending EeLA fully understand, transferring to Edmonds eLearning Academy at this point in the school year could possibly place your student at risk of being behind in credits necessary for graduation. Due to the timing of the transfer to our school students may not be able to earn credits from their current school for this term. Newly enrolled students will be placed in the beginning of their full-semester courses.

If you are interested in enrolling at Edmonds eLearning Academy, please be sure to follow the directions on our application page. 

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out at (425) 431-7298. All Orientations are cancelled until further notice

Full-Time Orientation Sign Up Link: Full-Time Orientation Sign Up 

Part-Time Orientation Sign up link: Part-Time Orientation Sign Up

If you have not taken any eLearning classes before, please start by filling out this application

2019-20 Edmonds eLearning Academy Application (for new eLearning students only)

Steps for Applying to the Edmonds eLearning Academy:

1.  Fill out an application by clicking on the link above if you are new to EeLA.

2.  Meet with your counselor to select class(es) and fill out a Counselor Enrollment Form (part-time students only). 

3.  Attend an Orientation (Times and Dates are listed on our calendar). 

Full-Time Orientation Sign Up Link: Full-Time Orientation Sign Up 

Part-Time Orientation Sign up link: Part-Time Orientation Sign Up

4.  After the orientation livestream, you will receive a link to your online orientation mini-course. Complete the online portion of orientation by the due date, and you will be enrolled in your course(s). 

(Please keep in mind that enrollment is a manual process and allow 24-48 hours after you have completed all steps before receiving your classes via email.) 

**We are currently NOT NCAA eligible** please call 425-431-7298 to make an appointment with the administrator of Edmonds eLearning Academy at prior to orientation if you are an NCAA student.

Dear EeLA Families,

I want to assure you that maintaining a healthy, safe learning environment is very much on the minds of our Edmonds eLearning Academy staff as well as our district staff. Information about COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus) is coming at a rapid pace. The district has a response team that is closely monitoring the information and forming intervention steps. There is information posted on the district website that will be updated as new information is received and emails will be sent as well.  While most of the communication you will get about this topic will come from the district level, today’s email is to let you know specifically what we are doing at our school. 

  • We are staying calm and viewing this as a challenge we will handle together. When adults are calm, students stay calm.  

  • We are working to implement additional hand-washing routines (i.e. upon entering the Student Learning Center, and before using the computers, shared tools/resources, and snacks/food).

  • We are reminding students about good hygiene habits: hand-washing technique, using tissues, coughing into elbows, washing hands after blowing nose, etc. 

  • All classrooms have district-provided sanitizing wipes for surfaces and spray bottles with an approved cleaning solution. 

  • The district has a cleaning protocol that is utilized anytime there is a spike in illnesses and we are closely monitoring our attendance rate and adjusting accordingly, so please make sure that you call our front office to let us know if your student is ill. Our front office phone number is 425-431-7298. 

What can you do at home?  Please reinforce the good hygiene habits above and stress the importance of not touching the mouth, nose or eyes without a tissue or clean hands. If your student is sick, please keep them at home and follow the advice of your medical provider.  Students should not return to school until they have been fever-free and have not vomited for 24 hours, or longer if advised by a doctor. If you are impacted by the COVID-19, please let us know so that our response team can have up-to-date information. For the latest information from the school district, here is a link to the ESD Webpage on COVID-19.

In partnership,

Christy Frary


Edmonds eLearning Academy?

Office: (425) 431-7298 

Email: fraryc@edmonds.wednet.edu

Pronoun: she/her


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