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  • How do I apply to the Edmonds eLearning Academy?

    Go to Application and Steps to Enroll. There You will see the link to our application and the steps for applying. Make sure to check our calendar for orientation times and find one that you can attend. Make an appointment to talk to your counselor about your plans to take eLearning class(es), if you haven't already.

  • What if I am a student who lives outside the Edmonds School District?

    We do take students outside the Edmonds School District, but these students must live within driving distance to our district. We require all of our full time students to attend 2 hours a week at our onsite Student Learning Center. 

    Before we can enroll you into eLearning, we need you to complete the paperwork to register in the Edmonds School District. Here is the link to the forms you will need to fill out. 

    Registration forms: Registration Forms                                                                                  These forms should be turned in to our registrar in person or via email at Giboneyk@edmonds.wednet.edu

  • Are eLearning courses free?

    Students are not required to pay for a course if it is within the six period school day. A course taken outside the six period day (7th period for example) costs $325 per course per semester.

  • Are eLearning courses completely online?

    Yes, our courses and materials are online. However, we have a student learning center which is open every week, Monday-Thursday from 8-4pm Friday our school is closed. We are located at College Place Middle School. Our learning center is staffed by our highly qualified teachers to help our students be successful and for instructional purposes. All full time students are required to attend at least 2+ hours a week. 

  • How do I know if online learning is right for me?

    Are you self-motivated? Organized? Willing to ask for help? Have basic computer skills? Can read for information? Enjoy learning in different ways? Competent communicating via email? Then eLearning might be the right choice. 

  • What type of computer skills do I need?

    Students need basic computer skills.

    • Familiarity with using Chrome
    • Ability to use the internet using a browser.
    • An email address and ability to use email as a communication system.
    • Ability to use word processing systems.
  • How many courses can I take through eLearning at one time?

    We recommend that a student begins with one course at a time if they are new to eLearning. Once a student is more comfortable, they can decide with their counselor if more courses should be added to their eLearning schedule. Remember if students are working at a quicker pace they can complete a course ahead of schedule and begin their next class.

  • How do eLearning courses compare with traditional high school courses?

  • Online courses are as rigorous if not more so than traditional high school courses. The reason? Students’ must be self-disciplined, willing to ask for help when needed, a self-manager, and well organized. Edmonds eLearning Academy has highly qualified teachers who will work with students weekly via our on-site student learning center, virtual learning, email, Edgenuity chat, or telephone to offer feedback, teach students difficult concepts, work through problems they might be having, and to check for understanding. Our teachers offer on-site thematic lessons to students who wish to have a deeper understanding of specific topics and to collobarate with other students on solving issues and problems. Our students must meet with a teacher weekly via the above methods for instructional purposes and our full time students are required to meet with a teacher at least two hours per week. 

  • How long do I get to complete my online learning courses?

    We design our student course schedules to meet the individual needs of our students. Although the curriculum is online and available 24/7 students must complete their work by the deadline to stay on shedule. All students will have the semester to complete their courses (18 weeks). Students need to meet the semester deadlines set out by the school district. Our schedule follows the school calendar. All students typically have eighteen weeks to complete a course unless they have chosen a quarter or trimester path. The academic goal of eLearning is to insure that all of our students are staying on track to graduate or closing the gap for on time graduation.

  • Does eLearning mean I get to work at my own pace?

  • eLearning courses are online and available 24 hours a day/7 days a week, including holidays. However, due dates are set and must be met to show success in eLearning. Students have flexibility in their schedule when working on their courses, but we expect all students to workat least 6 hours per week per course they take with eLearning if on semester pacing and to meet all deadlines. Students can always work ahead of schedule just not behind schedule. If a student completes a course ahead of schedule, they can sign up for their next course and do not necessarily have to wait until the quarter or semester break.

  • What if my student is planning for NCAA?

  • Currently the Edmonds eLearning Academy is NOT NCAA eligible. NCAA students can take elective courses with us.  Please make an appointment with Christy Frary prior to attending orientation to discuss options. 

  • What if I am interested in full time eLearning?

    Students that are full time with eLearning are required to attend our student learning center for a minimum of 2 hours a week. This is extremely important to the success of our students. Full time students should contact Jamie Regis at regisja@edmonds.wednet.edu to discuss full time status and enrollment. Our full time orientations are on Wednesdays at 12:00 weekly.  You will be emailed a link to sign up for a session. 

    New full time students will be required to meet with our counselor to create a graduation plan and to discuss the expectations of being a full time student.

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