Introduction to Health Sciences (S1 and S2)

Course Description

This yearlong course introduces students to careers in the health care industry, providing a solid oundation in career planning and job-specific skills for various health care professions. In addition to learning the key components of the U.S. healthcare system, students will learn
terminology, anatomy and physiology, pathologies, diagnostic and clinical procedures,
therapeutic interventions, and the fundamentals of medical emergency care. Throughout the
course, instructional activities emphasize safety, professionalism, accountability, and efficiency for workers within the healthcare field. Students master skills through direct instruction, interactive tasks, and assessments. This course is intended to provide students with the core knowledge and skills that can be used in many areas of health science.
This course is aligned with introductory health science career and technical education frameworks in a variety of states.

Units of Study

• Health Science Pathways and Careers
• Pursuing Health Science Careers
• Ethics and Law
• Healthcare Systems
• Patient Care
• Health and Wellness
• The Human Body
• Safety in the Workplace
• First Aid
• Communication, Leadership, and Teamwork
• Health Science Career Skills
• Technology in Health Science

Course Features

• Each unit begins with a video introduction to the topics presented in each lesson and
concludes with a wrap-up video that summarizes the major concepts presented in the unit.
• To promote inquiry and a focus on big ideas, every lesson includes a guiding lesson
question that is aligned to each lesson’s objectives.
• Interactive tasks are present throughout each lesson, which also serve as formative
assessments. These tasks give students the opportunity to check their understanding and
provide immediate feedback to help clarify understanding.
• Cumulative primary assignments at the end of each lesson provide students with the
opportunity to relate the information they have learned to the major lesson objectives.
• Each unit includes a Career Connection, which is a profile of a real-world practitioner in the
field, helping students make a connection between what they are learning and a future career.
• Vocabulary support is provided throughout the course to help students comprehend common health science acronyms, terms, and phrases.

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