Course Description

Providing insight into the human dynamics of our perse society, EL1120 is an engaging one-semester course that delves into the fundamental concepts of sociology. This interactive course, designed for high-school students, covers cultural persity and conformity, basic structures of society, inpiduals and socialization, stages of human development as they relate to sociology, deviance from social norms, social stratification, racial and ethnic interactions, gender roles, family structure, the economic and political aspects of sociology, the sociology of public institutions, and collective human behavior, both historically and in modern times.

Course Objectives

Throughout the course, you will meet these goals:

  • Identify the factors that account for variations among and within cultures
  • Outline the basic values that form the foundation of American culture and describe the new values that have developed in the United States since the 1970s
  • Describe how the composition of the labor force in the United States has changed throughout history
  • Identify the principal types of crime in the United States, and describe the characteristics of the American criminal-justice system
  • Explain how different motivations and cultural values influence the American class system
  • Describe the characteristics that distinguishes minority groups from one another
  • Describe the characteristics of the capitalist and the socialist economic systems, and outline the developments that have transformed the American economic system
  • Compare and contrast the views of sociologists concerning education, and identify some of the current issues in American education
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