History 12 S2 Economics

Course Description

This semester-long course invites students to broaden their understanding of how economic concepts apply to their everyday lives. The course helps students to master microeconomic and macroeconomic theory while discovering the characteristics of mixed-market economies. Then, students utilize their new understanding to analyze the role of government in a free-enterprise system and the global economy. The course culminates by encouraging students to explore personal finance strategies.
Throughout the course, economic theory is introduced, demonstrated, and reinforced through real-life scenarios and examples. In assignments and project-based lessons, students learn to apply critical thinking skills while making practical economic choices. Students also master literacy skills through rigorous reading and writing activities. Data, graphs, charts, maps, and other multimedia stimuli are closely analyzed in instruction and assignments. Students write routinely and responsively in shorter tasks and assignments that are based on scenarios, texts, activities, and examples. In a more extensive, process-based writing lesson, students write a topical essay in an argumentative format.

Units of Study

• Introduction to Economics
• Microeconomics
• Macroeconomics
• Business and Government
• The Global Economy
• Financial Literacy

Course Features
• Lesson questions help students focus on big ideas.
• The course is organized thematically to help students master economic theories, then apply them to government policy and to their own financial planning.
• On-screen teachers use clear graphic organizers to present lesson goals and lesson organization in a student-friendly manner.
• Each lesson begins with a warm-up activity that provokes student thinking and orients students toward the central concepts at the heart of the lesson.
• In each lesson, students interact with multimedia stimuli, including maps, charts, graphs, photographs, and videos.
• Academic and domain-specific vocabulary is emphasized and studied in every lesson.
• Short writing and reading assignments are included throughout the course.
• Each reading assignment utilizes the CloseReaderTM, which enables students to interact with a text while using robust tools.
• A project-based lesson (in Unit 6 of the initial-credit version of the course) allows students to engage in a role-playing activity that allows them to implement economic theories in real-world situations

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