World History 9

Course Description

This one semester course examines the major events and turning points of world history from ancient times to
the present. Students investigate the development of classical civilizations in the Middle East, Africa,
Europe, and Asia, and then explore the economic, political, and social revolutions that have transformed
human history. Finally, students conduct a rigorous study of modern history, allowing them to draw
connections between past events and modern issues. The use of recurring themes, such as social
history, democratic government, and the relationship between history and the arts, allows students to
draw connections between the past and the present, among cultures, and among multiple perspectives.
The course implements literacy skills by encouraging students to read and write in a variety of formats.
Assignments and projects encourage students to apply critical-thinking skills and show their learning in a
variety of modalities. Students use a variety of primary and secondary sources, including legal
documents, essays, historical writings, and political cartoons to evaluate the reliability of historical
evidence and to draw conclusions about historical events. Students also sharpen their writing skills in
shorter tasks and assignments, and practice outlining and drafting skills by writing full informative and
argumentative essays.

Topics of Study

• Early Peoples
• Early Civilizations
• Eastern Culture and Civilization (550–
• Medieval Europe (500–1450)
• Transition to Modern Times (1200–1700)

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