Step for Parents of Online Students

So your student wants to take an online class? Sounds great, no fights to wake him/her up for class each morning. Your kid practically lives online now, so online school will be right up their alley. They will LOVE it. They can do their school work whenever and wherever they want. This is almost too good to be true!

Seriously for some students online classes are great, for other students its nothing but an opportunity to fail. What makes the difference? It has nothing to do with the student's computer, Internet access, operating system or anything as simple as that. It is entirely based upon two factors, the student's learning styles and needs and the parent/guardians level of involvement. This is the key to a student’s success online.

The first step to judge if your student is ready for online learning.

Here are some question which you should think about and ask your student
Is your student flexible when planning?
If your student is going to try and do e-Learning it is best to be flexible because stuff happens like websites crashes, file get lost. It is best if your student is able to go with the flow.
Does your student have basic computer skills ?
If your student is going to try doing online courses they of course will need basic computer skills like navigating a website, knowing how to copy and paste and saving files, etc.
Does your student have an Email address which they are active on ?
Since this is a online based program a lot of the communication happens thought the internet mainly with emails.
Is there a place in your house or around it where your student can work in quiet environment?
It is recommended your student has a quiet place to work with little distraction so they can focus on their work
Is your student self motivated?
In most school student usually have a teacher to watch to make sure they are always doing work for online classes the teacher will still try to make sure they do work but the teacher of the online school are not able to make sure you are doing your work by being right next to your student monitoring .
Next step: Please complete the online application with your student (located under the Application Info. tab)
Now once you've completed the online application we recommend your student counselor or IEP case manager to make sure they agree with the decision.
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